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20 Things Brides Get Wrong

I spend quite a lot of time looking at bridal forums to discover just what's on the minds of brides-to-be, what they're planning, what they're stressing about ... basically what makes them tick.

Something I've noticed is that newly wed girls often have a list of things they feel they got wrong on their wedding day. Stuff they didn't think about that they wish they had.

And so you can learn from their mistakes, I've listed their comments here.

    1. Not having a videographer
    1. Not briefing the DJ properly and having a must-have playlist
    1. Not spending enough time deciding on the right hairstyle
    1. Not taking a picture of my wedding dress with me to the hairdresser
    1. Having very young children at the ceremony who made a noisy distraction from the seriousness of the occasion
    1. Not taking time in the morning to make sure The Dress was done up properly and the skirts pulled out
    1. Not adjusting a wedding veil
    1. Be stressed and forgetting to relax
    1. Playing the host all day, rather than taking a bit of time out to just watch the party unfold
    1. Planning an outdoor ceremony but not allowing for rain (and it did)
    1. Not pulling the lining of The Dress down
    1. Not allowing enough time to get ready in the morning
    1. Not inviting more guests
    1. Not saving up for longer
    1. Not having a professional caterer and relying on a friend
    1. Not wearing wedding shoes in beforehand
    1. Wearing high heels all day and not being used to them
    1. Not going to the dentist a few weeks before
    1. Having tan straplines and wearing a strapless dress
    1. Being pressured to invite people I'd rather hadn't been there

Do you think any of these might apply to you? Be prepared and think it through - there's some valuable advice in this list!