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A Military Wedding Day

You readers seem to like real weddings where the groom is in dress uniform!


Last week we had a Naval wedding - and today we have a bridegroom who's in the military who looked very dashing and handsome as he led his new bride back down the aisle. Photography is by Tony Fitzgerald.

The venue is at the bride's father's hotel in California and it's the prettiest day (with a spectacular wedding cake too).

We all loved the Royal Wedding with Prince William in his Irish Guards uniform and Prince Harry in his Blues and Royals dress uniform. There's certainly something about a man in uniform.

And there are some other fabulous traditions at military weddings, like cutting the wedding cake with a sword and having an arch of swords to walk underneath!


bride and groom at outdoor wedding You can get married outside in the UK as long as you are underneath a fixed and licensed structure - which could be a gazebo.

white bridal bouquet

bridesmaids at wedding Deep colours for the bridesmaids bouquets contrasted beautifully with the simplicity of their grey frocks

bridesmaid bouquet in rich colours Roses in pinks, reds, purples ...

table centre in silver An easy table centre you could make yourself - with silver tea lights and mini vases. Keep the flowers white for contrast.

Don't forget to have photographs taken of your order of service, table plan and menus .. Don't forget to have photographs taken of your order of service, table plan and menus ..

Rodriguez_Chelini_Tony_Fitzgerald_Photography_346113_IMG_03882_low Think about having a midnight blue or deep purple tablecloth to ring the changes ...

Rodriguez_Chelini_Tony_Fitzgerald_Photography_346124_IMG_0047_low Rodriguez_Chelini_Tony_Fitzgerald_Photography_346114_IMG_03912_low

cutting wedding cake with sword Cutting the wedding cake with a sword - a military tradition!