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A Wedding Palette of Greys & Oranges

Now, on his wedding day, a guy gets to choose the car that takes him and his new wife away from the ceremony.

It's his chance to indulge himself. Maybe get the Ferrari he's always dreamed of. Or a classic Rolls.

And here the bridegroom matched his suit up to a slick grey convertible.

Which brings me smoothly through to the colour scheme.

This dove grey and orange/pink are a match made in heaven.

Rebello_Rebello_Wendell_Fernandes_Photography_3I8A8367_low Check the mismatched bridesmaid dresses - they so work!

Rebello_Rebello_Wendell_Fernandes_Photography_3I8A7769_low With this bridegroom and his supporters in slick grey and black

Rebello_Rebello_Wendell_Fernandes_Photography_3I8A8381_low Now this is an alternative way to take a photograph of you and your maids ...

bride and groom with bridal party Perfect colours for a spring, summer or autumn wedding day ...

pageboy and flowergirls Don't forget to have a photograph taken of your young attendants - just after they've got dressed, when they're still immaculate! Oh and there's some deliberate mismatching of the flowergirl dresses here too - can you spot it!

Rebello_Rebello_Wendell_Fernandes_Photography_Q66A6767_low In my opinion, this is a must-have shot...

Rebello_Rebello_Wendell_Fernandes_Photography_Q66A6822_low Don't forget to have a photograph taken of your dessert table if you have one. Also, this cake shows how beautifully simple fresh flowers can look on a wedding cake.

If you'd like to recreate the look of this real wedding, check out these Dessy bridesmaid dresses and accessories. (Photo credit of real wedding above by Wendell Fernandes).

short orange bridesmaid dress with sleeves Alfred Sung Style D668 in Firecracker

pageboy with black tie And for the boys - necktie in ebony

white organza flowergirl dress

Flowergirl dress by Dessy. Style FL4030