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How to Have a Halloween Inspired Engagement Party!

How to Have a Halloween Inspired Engagement Party!


It's hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close and just around the corner is the fall season. With the season comes the beloved celebration of Halloween! Are you a couple that enjoys Halloween as much as you did when you were kids? Why not consider this as a theme for your engagement party?

Imagine a spooky yet romantic atmosphere that will not only be inviting but also bring your guests into the season! The designer for this Halloween inspired engagement party photo shoot brought to life a gorgeous haunted mansion theme that promises sheer elegance.

Inspiration for this photo shoot came from in the form of television's spookiest yet most romantic couples, Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family. The couple was chosen because they were a perfect combination of spooky, elegant and romantic.


The colors were kept neutral. It included black, taupe and rich tobacco with splashes of white and creams. The overall look for this was Halloween elements that were unique to the couple, but also very sophisticated.

Having the rich tobacco colored furniture and wrought iron chandelier, sconces and candelabras helped the sense of mystery while the lush and light colored floral arrangements enhance the romance of the occasion and the setting.


There were design elements incorporated such as the Morticia and Gomez dressed cake pops and even the iconic Peacock rattan chair in which Morticia often sat on, gives the sense of whimsy. The peacock chair, the vintage wood and metal bottle holder overflowing with gorgeous blooms were both treasures the designer found at a yard sale.


Another element of this engagement party theme was that was both special and unique was that the entire menu is completely gluten-free. The designers wanted to show how the party can be created with rich and decadent treats while being completely free of of gluten.

The menu includes savory hors d'oeuvres such as meatballs on hand painted mustache fork skewers. Tulle topped antipasto swords, and caviar topped lobster bisque shots. For sweets, there is a devil's food cake with a rich peanut butter ganache frosting, topped with a custom topper asking the question every girl wants to hear, "Will you marry me?"


There are two cocktails including the "smokin Gomez" and the black "Morticia Martini" garnished with dark blueberries in bamboo skewers. The black crepe paper backdrop behind the bar area, are what the designers consider to be a cost effective DIY project that is reminiscent of Morticia's gothic dress.

The floral designer executed the vision of luxurious neutral color flowers that would soften and be a perfect juxtaposition to the gothic wrought iron chandelier, fixtures and dark rich wood furnishings. The arrangements had cream colored roses, fragrant hyacinth and lisianthus added to the overall romantic and elegant feel to the engagement party.

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From left to right: Social Bridesmaid Style 8141 and Lela Rose Style LR195

All Halloween engagement party images were taken by Marc Edwards Photographs