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Variations on a Wedding Theme of Raspberries and Roses

raspberry and pink wedding moodboard

Some things are just made to be together.

Champagne and strawberries. Roses and weddings. You and your fiancé.

At the moment I'm having a bit of a moment about all things pink and weddings. I'm not talking sickly pinks - more dramatic shades of pink. Raspberry, fuchsia, magenta (I know that's purple but really ...)

And when I got to looking about I realised that apart from bridesmaid frocks in divine shades of pink you can find macarons in different pinks.

You can have rose themed cupcakes in a rose flavour if that's what you want - or a raspberry flavoured wedding cake.

And of course roses at a wedding are a timeless classic - and they come in several different pinks too.

Image credits:

All bridesmaid dresses by Dessy.

Deep pink wedding invitation by Ananya.

Rose flavoured wedding cupcakes by Genuine Cakes.

Macarons by MowieDelicious.