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The Perfect Bridesmaid Makeup for the Wedding!

The Perfect Bridesmaid Makeup for the Wedding!

The bride will look flawless on her wedding day and we think the bridesmaids should too! This video featured on StyleList by House of Harper shows how you can get the best look as you stand beside the bride on her wedding day!  And they are quick and easy too!

Here are some makeup thoughts to consider before the wedding:

1. Don't get a facial the week before the wedding.  This is so in the event of any skin irritations to products, you will have enough time before the wedding.

2. If you are going with a makeup artist the bride has chosen, be sure to find out what products he or she uses and whether it is good for your skin. Find out well in advance whether or not the makeup is a good fit.  If not, tell the bride about it and see if the makeup artist is willing to use your makeup. If not, you may need to consider going elsewhere for your makeup on the wedding day.

3. Can you do it yourself?  If you find that the expenses of being in a wedding  (or weddings for some people) are racking up and you are looking for ways to cut costs, why not consider doing it yourself? The video above shows quick and easy ways to get a flawless look the day of the wedding. The same goes for your hair, but if you don't feel comfortable doing your own hair, this is a place we would recommend a splurge.

4.  The rule of thumb with makeup is to look like you aren't actually wearing any. So make sure that if you are having someone do your makeup you are coming out looking natural and not like a circus clown.  After all, there will be pictures too!

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