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How To Feel Like An A Lister On Your Wedding Day

To be honest, you're going to feel like an A Lister in any case, because you're marrying the man of your dreams!

But here are some fun ideas celebrities have used that you could incorporate into your wedding day for a bit of fun!

    • If you're not keen on the idea of having a top table, then don't. One of a bride's complaints is that she doesn't get to chat to her new husband much on their wedding day and so instead of being on a table with others have a top table - for just the two of you! And it's away to avoid any family rifts with people who think they should be on a top table (and shouldn't).
    • Have a magazine cover made of your wedding day pics - you could use the image for your thank you cards as well as framing it and showing it off proudly!
    • Include your pets in your wedding pictures
      Robbie Williams and his wife made sure their pooches were included on their wedding day! Image via Pinterest
    • Have unusual wedding transport. Okay, so you might not want to make like Katie Price when she married Peter Andre - coming to the ceremony in a Cinderella carriage - but you could arrive on horseback, in a classic car (or failing that a friend's top of the range Porsche).
    • Get married in a stately home. There are plenty of options and you'll feel like Lady Mary in Downton Abbey!
    • Alnwick Castle Fancy getting married at Alnwick Castle?
    • Hire some celebrity lookalikes to mingle with your guests at the wedding reception. Are they or aren't they? It'll be selfie time for sure!
    • Think creatively with your catering. Formal sit down meals aren't for everyone - so how about having different food stations - offering Asian food, American Deep South cuisine, Italian ...
    • Have an outrageously enormous wedding cake. The trick is to have three real layers and then ask your caterer to make up dummy layers so that you end up with a wedding cake tower. The caterer won't think it's weird - you'll be amazed at how often this has been done before with nobody noticing!
wedding cake tower Cake by GC Couture