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The Best Websites to Shop for an Engagement Ring

You can shop for pretty much anything and everything online including toilet paper, an area rug, a car, an experience, a plane or an engagement ring. For the average Joe making a purchase as intimidating as an engagement ring really takes a lot of research, time and patience. Some of our favorites include:

Tiffany & Co - Everyone knows that little blue box... And now it's easier than ever to click and purchase the dream. Tiffany & Co is known for their classic, all-American engagement rings. Their site guides you through the basics, like the 4 Cs - cut, clarity, color, carat - and even has a features that lets you consult and expert. There's a lack of ability to customize with Tiffany, but that's kind of the name of their game. Like it or leave it. The site also has an tablet and phone application to make shopping for the all-important sparkler that much easier. Take a look at the site here.

 Tiffany & Co

Blue Nile - Blue Nile lies somewhere between a wholesaler and a retailer. They are able to cut out the middle man to offer pricing that many consider more affordable - we are talking about diamonds here after all. Easy sorting tools like cut, shape, clarity and price make it easy to sift through what seems like an infinite amount of options. The selection of Blue Nile is unparalleled and their "Design Your Own" feature is top notch. Check it out here!

De Beer's - De Beer's is one of the most prominent names in jewelry and their website does everything possible to uphold their sterling reputation. The site is easy to navigate and streamlined. It's basic necessities at its best. They don't have the features that Tiffany & Co and Blue Nile do, but if you want something straight-forward and get easily overwhelmed with information, then this wedding website is for you! Click here to access the site.