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The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Engaged Around the Holidays

The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Engaged Around the Holidays

We are in the full swing of engagement season and while it is a magical time of year because of the holidays, it is also a magical time for many couples too. If you're thinking of proposing around the holidays, here are some tips to consider.

Do look for the best place that means a lot to the both of you to propose. Or at the very least, find a place that is magical and romantic around the holidays. For example, Rockefeller Center in New York City is a magical place around the holidays!

Don't do it in front of family and friends. Proposals are supposed to be a special moment between the couple, and should be shared between the two of them, you can run and tell everyone after!

Do tell family members on both sides in advance of your plans to propose, so they are ready for it when you do. Make sure however, no one spills the beans!


Don't worry so much about telling everyone immediately following your proposal, especially on social media, take the time to enjoy the moment and the holidays with your significant other.

Do find creative ways to announce your engagement to close friends and family members after the proposal. For example, if you get engaged in the earlier part of the holiday season, take an engagement photo announcing your engagement to close friends and family and send it in a holiday card!

Don't start planning the wedding days following the proposal, take the time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, wait until after the New Year to start the wedding planning process.

Do be prepared for any or all holiday events, (just in case) he proposes. You just never know, especially if there is a photographer involved.


Don't fall into the clichés of getting engaged on an actual holiday, you don't necessarily need to get engaged on Christmas Day or New Years Eve, the day before or the day after is just fine too.

Do plan a day trip after your proposal to celebrate your engagement with just the two of you. Especially if you both have some time off for the holidays, this is a perfect time for it!

Don't forget to enjoy this special time in your lives, because it happens so fast and before you know it you're walking down the aisle and saying “I Do.”

Now pop the cork on the champagne and celebrate! You're engaged!

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Images by Noble Photography