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THE Indispensible Twist Wrap Dress

twist wrap dress Twist Wrap Dresses by Dessy. From left to right: Little Twist Dress in Sea Pink £65; Short Twist Wrap Dress in Suede Rose with chiffon overskirt £93; Long Twist Wrap Dress with chiffon overskirt in Suede Rose £127; Short Twist Wrap Dress in Suede Rose £93; Long Twist Wrap Dress in Chalk Pink £100; Short Twist Wrap Dress £93
worn as skirt accessorised with bandeau (£15)

In a nutshell, this is a dress that's going to make your bridesmaids very happy indeed.

Why? Well, first off, the Dessy Twist Dress is the definitive bridesmaid frock that will suit all figures. Because your girls can wrap the luxurious fabric (in a choice of soft jersey colours) to create a style that will suit their individual figures. And when I say styles, I mean many different styles.

Want a little more cover up for the ceremony? No problem. Just adjust the fabric so it covers the shoulders. Vamp it up a bit for an evening party. Then rewrap the dress so that's in a strapless or one shoulder style.

(Add the bandeau accessory to create even more styles, create more support and convert the frock to a skirt with a strapless top.)

And if you want a number that's a little more floaty, opt for Dessy's Twist Dresses that come with a feminine chiffon overskirt option.

You can opt for a long Twist Wrap Dress or one of the shorter versions. And now's the perfect time to buy as many of the Twist Dresses are reduced - for example Dessy's Little Twist dress is currently £65 reduced from £88.

The Perfect Travelling Companion

This is a frock no girl can be without. It's an easy traveller and packs into your suitcase without a murmur. Shake it out on arrival and it's ready to wear. It can be gently handwashed and is absolutely perfect for a destination wedding. In fact, it's a dress your girls will want to wear over and over again.

Here I've shown frocks in suede rose and sea pink but there is a rainbow of Dessy colours to choose from in blues, greens, purples, neutrals ...

You can find the full collection of Twist Wrap dresses here. Buy online or find a local Dessy retailer near you.

In addition, if you'd like to check out different colours or need to match up your wedding theme, you can order color swatches from Dessy at the same time.

The Dessy Twist Dress is much, much more than a bridesmaid frock. It's elegant, flattering, pretty and a wardrobe staple for any future party.