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Sporty? Arty? New mom? Here are bridesmaid dress ideas for each of your very different maids

Miv N Match Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

When I look around at my friends, they're quite different.

Some are real home bods. Always doing a spot of decorating or DIY. Fabulous cooks. I always chat with them when I need some inspiration on what to cook, what to plant in my garden in a certain area or how to cram my clothes into the storage space I have available.

Then there are my sporty friends who live in the gym, on the tennis court and always seem to be planning a competitive run or event. Good for motivating me when I feel a bit sluggish, need to get fit for skiing or want to sort out my post-Christmas fitness.

And then I've got friends with young families who are up to their necks in car seats, diapers, soft play centre dates - and always seem to be announcing that they're having another baby.

At the other end of the scale are my career women friends who inspire me with their energy, clear thinking, ambition and time management skills. I look forward to hearing about their travels.

So what should they all wear?

If you've chosen a group of bridesmaids who are all very different (and of course, they may not know one another) then you're going to have to put the work and research in to make sure that they feel comfortable and looking their best in whatever dress you choose.

What you really shouldn't do is just present your girls with a dress that's one style suits all. Because it probably won't. We're all different shapes, sizes and have features we like and others, not so much. It's a case as ever, of focusing on the good and disguising the rest. So bearing in mind the types of girl above, I've put together some dress styles by Dessy that might suit athletic types, new moms or moms-to-be, romantic types and those who are always on the move.

For a domestic goddess who's a bit of a romantic ...
Something a little bit floaty, classic and understated. Breezy chiffon and one shoulder bridesmaid styles - contemporary and classic all at the same time.

For the fitness guru...
Sporty girls usually have beautifully toned arms, waists and legs. So let them shown them off in a fitted, sleeveless bridesmaid dress.

The girl who's just had a baby or is expecting one...
Maternity bridesmaid dresses are designed to flatter - and if your friend has had a baby fairly recently, she'll feel comfortable wearing one too.

And for the girl who's always traveling...
Our convertible Twist Dresses are perfect for travelers as they pack beautifully and just shake out on arrival. Your bridesmaid can drape hers to suit her - and she'll find it a fabulously useful wardrobe addition in the future, long after your wedding day.

We've shown all the dresses above in shades of Navy, but you'll find them in a multitude of different colors.