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6 Reasons You Were Picked to Be a Bridesmaid

6 Reasons You Were Picked to Be a Bridesmaid

How many times have you been chosen to be a bridesmaid and thought, "Why Me?" You may not necessarily be a close friend or family member, you may even hardly know the bride, but for some reason you were chosen.

In the midst of being grateful for being chosen to share in this special day with the bride and groom, you are simply left confused. So we thought we would share some reasons why you were picked to be a bridesmaid.

You're an organized Person in Your Everyday Life: Being organized is a very important part of being a bridesmaid, you will need to keep up with appointments and pre-wedding events and possibly be in charge of tiny details for the bride. If the bride already knows about your organizational skills and has admired them, it could very well be a good reason you were chosen to be a bridesmaid. Brides always need at least one bridesmaid who has her life in order, who is the leader of the pack in her daily life and will help keep the other girls in line and most importantly keep the bride calm on her wedding day.

You Are in Fact a Family Member or Friend: Have a cousin with whom you grew up with, but were never really close to? Or a friend that you considered more of an acquaintance than an actual friend? The bride may not think so, so the next thing you know, you are being chosen to be a bridesmaid. This happens, you may not think you and the bride are close, but she does and that's why she chose you.

You Have Been in a Ton of Weddings: If the bride-to-be knows you have been in a ton of weddings already and considers you an important person in her life, it could be a good reason why she chose you to be her bridesmaid. She knows you know good wedding etiquette and will do what is expected of you without much hassle. She knows that you will understand that being a bridesmaid could cost some money, but since you have done it already, it will not come to such a surprise, as it would for first time bridesmaids.


She Has Too Many Female Family Members to Choose From: Brides that come from big families, particularly ones with a lot of females are often put in a tough position about who they should choose to be their bridesmaid. Rather than causing any family drama, she decides to choose her friends instead, leaving her family relatives out entirely. It avoids any additional headaches during the wedding planning.

You Are a Close Friend of the Groom: Being a bridesmaid for this reason may come as a surprise or it may not, you may have expected to stand on his side instead of hers, either way she chose you because she knows you are important person in his life. Anyone ever see "My Best Friend's Wedding?"

Because You Grew Up Together: You and the bride were childhood friends. You two shared many special moments like going on family vacations together, played together and went to school together. So it only seems right that she would pick you to be her bridesmaid. However, you are left confused because even though you two shared all these moments as children, you may not share these moments now, in fact you may hardly know each other.

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