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Kate Middleton's Brother Shows Us How To Tie A Bow Tie

As the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge and brother-in-law of Prince William, James Middleton can be expected to attend a lot of posh events.

So he's certainly somebody who's going to know how to tie a traditional bow tie properly.

Watch the video and he'll show you how.

If your bridegroom is planning on wearing a bow tie at your wedding then he's going to have to know how to tie and present it correctly. So you might like to show him this video too.

And if your bridegroom is looking for inspiration for his wedding outfit, then he'll find bow ties, cravats and neckties in a rainbow of different colours at Dessy - in shades to suit your wedding colour theme. Also matching waistcoats, cuff links and socks too.

So that's him sorted then.

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