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8 Things You Thought You Knew About Your Wedding..But Don't

8 Things You Thought You Knew About Your Wedding..But Don't

So many of us think we know what our weddings are going to look like, from the wedding dress to the flowers, we plan for years in our heads and more recently we create Pinterest boards of our dream wedding. And then we get engaged and everything we thought we knew about our wedding, gets potentially tossed out.

Here are some ideas you thought you knew already, but actually don't:

Your Wedding Dress: For years you said you wanted a strapless wedding dress or you wanted a long veil and then you begin shopping around and realize you may actually want a dress with sleeves and a short veil. It happens. Designs change year after year, and so do your tastes. While it's important to have some idea about what you want, it's also important to keep an open mind about other styles out there that may suit you better than you could have imagined.

How Many Bridesmaids You Want in Your Wedding: This is forever changing, friendships and relationships with the women in your life are constantly changing, so it's no surprise what you had imagined for your wedding party would too. It's important once you get engaged, how many people you want in your bridal party.

The Color Scheme of Your Wedding: You always wanted purple, you were dead set on this color and then you start planning your wedding and realize purple just may not work, or you may have found a color you like better. Color plays a big part as far as time of the year goes, for example pastel colors work perfectly in the spring, while darker colors like brown, gray, and hunter green work well in the fall. Pick your colors once you have decided the time of the year you want to get married and work from there. Need help picking out the perfect color scheme for your wedding? Check out our Pantone color guides!

The Time of Year to Get Married: For some, this may not be something that changes once you get engaged. Some of you may have absolutely no idea when you want to get married, it becomes a decision you make once you get engaged and then there are some of you that have to change the time of year altogether. Changing the time of year to get married may be because your venue isn't available when you want it and waiting longer to have your desired time of year may not be an option. In any case, once you get engaged, make sure to pick your location first, because venues get booked quickly, especially during the peak wedding season.

What Your Bridesmaid Dresses Would Look Like: You always said you wanted your girls to have long bridesmaid dresses, and you wanted a specific material or color and then you began to realize that it is just not going to work for various reasons. Maybe the color you originally chose doesn't work well with all of your bridesmaids skin tones or the designer doesn't have the color or the material needed for the wedding. Check out all our newest bridesmaid dress styles at!

The Number of Guests: If there is any aspect of your wedding that will give you the opportunity to save some dough, it's the number of guests you have at your wedding. You may have thought you wanted to have a big wedding and then sadly realized you don't have the budget for it. You may realize that you don't necessarily need to invite every family member or friend you have known since you were a child. Weddings these days are costly, so it is important to both the wedding you want without breaking the bank.

The Little Details of Your Wedding: What type of favors you want, if you want any at all, or how many floral arrangements you want on the tables, if you want them at all. Or maybe you realized you want to do more of it yourself. These are thoughts you may not have thought of before you began planning your wedding.

Traditional versus Destination Wedding: Your entire life you thought you wanted to have a traditional wedding with a venue and a denominational ceremony, and then as you begun planning it, you realized you may want something entirely different. Maybe you want a non-denominational wedding, outdoors on a beach or in a rustic barn somewhere in the country. Maybe you want a small wedding on a tropical island. This is one of the first decisions you have to make when you begin planning your wedding.