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4 Essential Items You Need in Your Wedding Day Cosmetics Bag

4 Essential Items You Need in Your Wedding Day Cosmetics Bag

Planning everything you will need for your wedding day is one of the last minute details that you will need to take care of, especially when it comes to your makeup.  While your makeup may very well be done by a makeup artist, there are several essential items you will need to keep handy throughout the day.

Waterproof Mascara:  Having your mascara be waterproof is very important,  with all the laughter and tears you will experience on your special day, your mascara will need to be waterproof.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick:  All the kisses you will be giving especially to your new hubby, you will need to touch up every now and again throughout the day.

Eyeliner:  Keep this handy for touch up through the day,  like your mascara, all the tears and laughter you share throughout the day will call for reapplication.

Oil Absorbing Wipes:  You can get these at any local drugstore, this will remove any shine or excess oil from your face without smudging your makeup.   This will come in handy when you are dancing the night away to keep you looking fresh and not look like you have just come out of a gym looking oily and sweaty.  It's good to check your face before important pictures throughout the day.

Bronzers and Blushes:  Keep your face looking fresh by applying your blush and bronzer through out the day.

Other essentials:  cotton pads,  cotton swabs and tweezers.

If your skin is sensitive, work with your makeup artist to see if it is possible to use the makeup you use on a regular day, to prevent any breakouts after the wedding.  Also,  make sure not to get any facials too close to the wedding to prevent any possible skin irritations.

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