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Petal Confetti

One of the most beautiful shots at any wedding is when the bride and groom emerge, beaming like Cheshire Cats, from the actual ceremony. And the other most beautiful shot could be when they are being bombarded with confetti by the guests. But not just any old confetti. Gone is the day (THANK GOODNESS) when people lobbed rice at you - those little hard grains give quite a vicious sting when thrown by overzealous chums at short range! And of course nowadays not many wedding venues appreciate the littering of their lovely grounds with synthetic confetti so you don't want to go that route.

No, the confetti I'm thinking of is the stuff of fairytales and sunshine. Confetti that fills the air like something out of a Ridley Scott film.

Biodegradable petal confetti

Real confetti like the biodegradable petal confetti from the lovely people of Shropshire Petals.


All of the natural petal confetti from Shropshire Petals, a family business that was establishedmore than 20 years ago as dried flower specialists, is handpicked and can be packed into individual cones or baskets for a bridesmaid or flower girl to carry.

Petal confetti

Though there's nothing to stop the mother of the bride distributing it!

petal confetti

I love this idea for a vintage wedding of the having the confetti cones ready to go in a sweet old suitcase - how charming is this?

Petal confetti

Their website has a delightful page which allows you to create your own, unique mix so that it goes perfectly with your chosen colour scheme. Full of helpful tips and advice, Shropshire Petals also gives you a guide to quantities you might need, noting that on average more ladies than gents throw the confetti though quite rightly, everyone should be encouraged!

biodegradable petal confetti

Delphiniums make a fabulous base for your confetti mix as they are small and light, floating gently and slowly to the ground, allowing the photographer to capture the magic of the scene like the one above. However adding up to 25% of larger petals can enable you to add a real splash of colour which is always rather joyous, like Shropshire Petal's 'Raspberry Fool' August suggestion of delphinium, calendula and rose petals below.

biodegradable petal confetti

Once you have chosen your mix, you can send off for a free colour sample that will take a week or less to arrive. Of course, because the petal confetti is natural, there is no guarantee that the colours will be exactly the same as online, but I think that's perfectly understandable.

With HUGE thanks to Shropshire Petals for their brilliant images, information and products! And I will leave you with this last wonderful image from their website which just sums up the whole concept of real petal confetti, don't you?