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Getting Married on Halloween? Here's What You Should Do

Getting Married on Halloween? Here's What You Should Do

Getting married on Halloween? This is a great opportunity to have some fun!  We thought we would offer some fun ideas you, your bridal party and guests could get a little spooky at the wedding.

Tell Your Guests to Wear Costumes:  Only if they want to!  But tell your guests they are welcome to wear costumes at your wedding.  If the adults at your wedding aren't, the kids definitely should!

Do a Candy Table: Obviously.  This is especially fun if you are having kids at your wedding who are missing out on trick-or-treating fun because of your wedding.  Make the kids party favor big bags of candy.

Spooky Desserts and Cocktails: A spooky martini with a finger coming out of it? Or cake balls that look like spiders? The choices are endless with what you can do for a Halloween wedding.

Play Halloween Music: We all know Michael Jackson's "Thriller" needs to be part of the repertoire, but having howling and growling sounds throughout the wedding reception is fun too.

Get Married at Dusk: Just as it is about to get dark, say "I Do."

Cocktail Hour Spookiness: Take guests on a haunted hayride or have scary characters walking around pouring and serving drinks and appetizers.  Have a bobbing for apples station where your guests get the chance to be kids again.

Bridal Party Fun: When it comes to taking pictures,  have some fun with it.  Have each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear mask or part of a Halloween costume with their dress and tuxedo.   While we are sure you have your bridesmaid dresses picked by now, we want to suggest some options - Social Bridesmaids Style 8141 in dahlia or Dessy Collection Style 2933 in black.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page at The Dessy Group! 

Images by Marc Edwards Photographs