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Why you should dress your bridesmaids in black

Dress your bridesmaids in black? "Whoa, I don't think so" you may think to yourself. 

But we'd say, think again. 

Because the results can be absolutely spectacular, as you can see from these photographs of real weddings. 

And there are a lot of advantages too

  • The little black dress is an absolute classic
  • Every girl should have the perfect black dress in their wardrobe
  • Black looks spectacular at a chic evening wedding
  • You can liven up the color with bright wedding flowers - which will look fabulous against a dark gown
  • Black suits just about every complexion
  • You can ring the changes with different necklines for different girls
  • Think about cocktail length or full-length frocks 

Let's think about fabrics

Depending on the style of wedding you're having, consider the different fabrics that are available.

  • You could choose a black bridesmaid gown with lace inlays for a really sophisticated but covered-up look. Maybe a black frock with a paler color inlaid underneath.
  • If you want something dramatic and film-starry, think about fishtail skirts or dresses that use black netting. 
  • Chiffon is also romantic and dreamy on sweeping long black skirts. 
  • Or for something powerful, maybe black satin or black sequins. 
  • Of course, black and white also work beautifully together - so you could opt for a monochrome approach. (This Dessy frock makes it easy to do that). Have a black bodice with a white skirt, or vice versa. 

When black won't work well

We'd say that there are some locations and themes for which black bridesmaid frocks wouldn't work so well. 

If you're having a rustic style wedding day, then a black frock won't really give you the look you're after. You'd be better off choosing colors or pastels. 

Also, if you're having a wedding day in the height of summer out of doors or if you're getting married on a tropical beach - you'd be better off choosing different bright colors.

If you want to check out masses of bridemaid frocks in black, in different styles, start your search here.  

Image credits: Clockwise from top:  Wedding Play Book, Wedding Play BookJose VillaRachel Meagan Photography, June Bug Weddings 

Middle image via Pinterest