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Dress your bridesmaids in white. Really? Oh yes ...

Some rules are made to be broken. 

And in our view, the one that only the bride should wear white at the wedding is one of them. 

To be honest, it didn't seem to bother Kate Middleton much when she married Prince William. Her sister Pippa wore an off-white bridesmaid frock and looked completely fabulous, without detracting from the bride in any way. So if Royalty can do it, why can't you? 

Dressing your maids in white or cream has a number of things going for it


  • Whites or creams look fabulous at any time of year. Spring, summer, fall or winter
  • Brightly colored wedding flowers are beautifully offset by white frocks
  • You can add pops of color with colorful shoes and accessories
  • White and cream suit all sorts of skin tones
  • White is just made for a destination beach wedding too
  • White is a classic - it never goes out of style as a color

Styling up white bridesmaid dresses


If you want to mix it up with your maids in terms of necklines and sleeves, then all white dresses will hang your whole look together. Ask your girls which necklines and waistlines they feel flatter them best and then go bridesmaid dress shopping. 

In winter or in chillier weather, give your girls shrugs or wraps to cover bare shoulders. Any colour goes with white so you can follow your color theme.

Think about adding sparkling touches. Maybe metallic shoes for your girls? Chandelier earrings? White is a neutral which means it works as a blank palette, so you can layer on colors, textures and different shades. 

It's likely that the bride will have quite a bit of detail on her dress - maybe an embroidered bodice or sleeves. In which case it's best to keep the bridesmaid frocks fairly simple if they're going to be in white. Think in terms of shapes and fabrics instead. Maybe opt for a slinky satin or ballerina length skirts.

One tip is to use the same shade of white for all your frocks (which is easy with Dessy's fabric swatches). Although you might think white is just one shade, it's actually not and if your bridesmaids are wearing different hues of white then you won't get the effect you're after. 

You can shop for white bridesmaid frocks here at Dessy. 

All images featured via Dessy Facebook page