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How to choose bridesmaid dresses for a late summer, early fall wedding day

It's a fabulous time of year to get married ...

  • You get the sunshine
  • You get beautiful colors on the trees
  • You get everybody back from their holidays
  • You get long, light evenings ... 

September and October weddings fall into the "in-between" category: the end of sweet summertime and the beginning of our creep into winter (eek!). So, what would be the best bridesmaid dress choices for this time of year -  late summer and early fall? We'll help you make the right choices. 

There are four main factors that contribute to the bridesmaids' overall look.

  • Fabric
  • Cut 
  • Color
  • Accessories 


Let's talk fabrics 

Early-fall and late-summer weddings can be tricky when it comes to fabric selection. Depending on the climate, it's best to steer clear of satin and charmeuse in light shades - they can show perspiration - and dark shades of dupioni, as it can appear too heavy for a fair weather affair.

How about the cut?

Pick a silhouette (or silhouettes) with a bit more coverage - think one-shoulder, cap-sleeve or a sleeveless v-neck


For weddings that fall between the seasons it's best to not trend too far in one direction... Nothing too summery or too wintery. Navy, gold, purple, blue, green and silver are great options!

Accessories and styling 


Keep bridesmaid accessories clean and minimal. If you've chosen a strapless silhouette, consider getting your bridesmaid coordinating or matching shawls.

And remember the other golden rules


  • Your bridesmaids dresses don't have to match in style - let each girl pick a gown that flatters them
  • Necklines can be different, again to make the best of every girl's features
  • However, it's best to keep lengths the same, whether you choose long or short
  • You don't have to have one color. Choose contrasting colors (in this case autumn shades might be stunning) or a blend of neutrals (like soft blues, blush, greys ...)

Photo credits: All bridesmaid dresses shown above available from Dessy. Thanks to @AmyFanton, @wearethemitchells