Green Bridesmaid Dresses

The color of harmony and renewal, green bridesmaid dresses can effortlessly bring forth feelings of harmony and nature on your special day. From softer shades of green to dark and elegant emerald tones, this versatile color is a beautiful choice for weddings year-round.

Why Choose Green Bridesmaid Dresses?

For summer and spring weddings, mint green bridesmaid dresses look perfectly chic when paired with peach and light pinks. In the fall, dark and elegant green bridesmaid dresses in emerald hues are especially stunning with gilded accents.

Need a green hue that works for every season? You simply can't go wrong with sage green bridesmaid dresses. Perfect for rustic winter weddings or dreamy garden nuptials, this dusty shade of green always looks beautiful.

No matter which show-stopping shade of green you're considering, Dessy has gorgeous green bridesmaid dresses in romantic styles that your whole squad is sure to love. As you browse our vast selection of green bridesmaid dresses, don't forget that our Dessy stylists are ready to help if you have questions.

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