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1980s Retro Engagement Photography on the Playground

1980s Retro Engagement Photography on the Playground

My inner 80's child can hardly contain herself when looking at this 1980's Retro High School Love set up from Elizabeth Anne Designs which was recently featured on Sweetest Occasion. With custom mixed tape favors, menu cards resembling grade school report cards, and custom letterpress coasters with boombox and tape images, these high school sweethearts took me right back to the days of hair bands and hot pink roller skates.

I'm in love with her custom veil, and the candy caddy filled with pixie sticks and lollipops. Guests were also given blue or orange crayons to 'pass a note' to the couple and there was a boom box with microphone available so they could record 'boom box love' for the couple. So many great and creative ideas, I think I might need to steal some for my own 80's party. Ok, stop reading my babble and have a look!

retro2.jpgretro4.jpgretro5.jpgretro6.jpgretro7.jpgretro8.jpgretro9.jpgretro10.jpgretro11.jpgretro12.jpgretro13.jpgretro14.jpgretro15.jpgretro16.jpgretro17.jpgimages from Kate Triono Photography