Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

Whimsical and romantic, lavender bridesmaid dresses will always be a popular choice for brides. This lovely purple hue combines beautifully with an array of wedding colors and looks stunning year-round. Just think of the possibilities!

Why Choose Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses?

Varying shades of purple have long been a favorite wedding color, and lavender bridesmaid dresses are no different. Unlike darker shades of purple that signify opulence and regality, lavender bridesmaid dresses will give your bridal party an ethereal vibe that is perfectly suited to softer and more whimsical wedding themes.

Lavender bridesmaid dresses can also evoke a sense of calm beauty that will help soothe your pre-wedding jitters. And, in some cultures, lavender is even believed to repel misfortune and bring good luck (hey, whatever keeps it from raining on your big day, right?).

Browse Dessy's vast selection of lavender gowns and discover the loveliest lavender bridesmaid dresses for each of your besties. If you have any questions about sizing, fit or color, get in touch with a Dessy stylist and we're happy to be of assistance.

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