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31 Photos that will Inspire Your Rustic Wedding

31 Photos that will Inspire Your Rustic Wedding

This bride goes after my boho little heart. I love her style. Simplistic and feminine, bohemian yet chic and stylish. The beautiful colored flowers in varying jars are, well, just beautiful. And as you know by my multiple S'mores posts on this blog, you just can't go wrong with the S'mores favors. What's your favorite part of this wedding?

rustichippie2.jpgrustichippie3.jpgrustichippie4.jpgrustichippie5.jpgrustichippie6.jpgrustichippie7.jpgrustichippie8.jpgrustichippie9.jpgrustichippie10.jpgrustichippie11.jpgrustichippie12.jpgrustichippie13.jpgrustichippie14.jpgImages by Braedon Photography