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Beach Proposal

To send you all off on your nice long holiday weekend, I found this incredibly sweet and creative proposal via Well Groomed Blog. All photography is by Tyler Branch Photo I love how much thought and preparation must have gone into this. She looks completely surprised and so very happy. Definitely a proposal to tell their kids and grandkids about. Enjoy!

Beachproposal.jpgBeachproposal2.jpgBeachproposal3.jpgBeachproposal4.jpgBeachproposal5.jpgBeachproposal6.jpgBeachproposal7.jpgBeachproposal8.jpgBeachproposal9.jpgBeachproposal10.jpgBeachproposal11.jpgBeachproposal12.jpgBeachproposal13.jpgImages by Tyler Branch Photo