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A DIY Backyard Wedding with Eclectic Style

A DIY Backyard Wedding with Eclectic Style

Happy Friday all! I have a great post today to send you off on your weekend. What's not to love about this wedding? Lace gloves, a DIY Beer Garden, mismatched vases and a touch of kitsch. Besides all of the obvious gorgeous touches I am in love with this bride's tier lace dress - isn't it gorgeous?

backyardheaven1.jpgbackyardheaven2.jpgbackyardheaven3.jpgbackyardheaven4.jpgbackyardheaven5.jpgbackyardheaven6.jpgbackyardheaven7.jpgbackyardheaven8.jpgbackyardheaven9.jpgbackyardheaven10.jpgbackyardheaven11.jpgbackyardheaven12.jpgbackyardheaven13.jpgImages by Featherlove Photography