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How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding

How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding

Get ready to fall in love with this backyard Autumn wedding. It looks like a dream with the billowy flowers and perfectly placed candles. And check out the most adorable ring bearer of all time. What a fluffy cutie! Lastly, I can't not mention the cake. I'm not a huge fan of fondant, so when I see a gigantic frosted cake like this tasty one I start drooling on my laptop. Excuse me while I go stick a spoon into a frosting container. Don't judge.

sugarandfluff1.jpgsugarandfluff2.jpgsugarandfluff3.jpgsugarandfluff4.jpgsugarandfluff5.jpgsugarandfluff6.jpgsugarandfluff7.jpgsugarandfluff8.jpgsugarandfluff9.jpgsugarandfluff10.jpgsugarandfluff11.jpgsugarandfluff12.jpgsugarandfluff13.jpgImages by Feather Love Photography