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Buttons of Inspiration in the Fall Wedding

Buttons of Inspiration in the Fall Wedding

As fall is winding down and winter is peeking its cold head around the corner, I bring you one last fall inspired wedding. From Tara Swain Photography, the eye-catching pops of color and obviously humor-filled wedding party are captured perfectly. Also, I'm loving the wedding reception centerpiece ideas this couple used. Flowers, pumpkins and gorgeous autumn leaves were perfect to pretty up the room.

funfallwedding1.jpgfunfallwedding2.jpgfunfallwedding3.jpgfunfallwedding4.jpgfunfallwedding5.jpgfunfallwedding6.jpgfunfallwedding7.jpgfunfallwedding8.jpgfunfallwedding9.jpgfunfallwedding10.jpgfunfallwedding11.jpgfunfallwedding12.jpgfunfallwedding13.jpgfunfallwedding14.jpgfunfallwedding15.jpgImages by Tara Swain Photography