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Hot Trend - Ombre Wedding Colours

Now I have to say, I'm rather anti following a trend when it comes to designing the way your wedding looks.

It's one way that you can really date things. Classic is always better in my book - and your wedding photographs won't look dated either.

But there's one trend that I think is going to run and run and that's ombre.

What is Ombre?

The word Ombre comes from the French and it really means shaded - graduated in tone. Ombre has been a big hair trend amongst celebs and it's moved on to other key looks - for example ombre nails are getting more and more popular.

Anyway, we're talking ombre wedding colours here. Putting complementary colours together in a graduated way is a fabulous way of adding texture and interest to your wedding theme.

Best of all, you can use any colour you want. Pinks, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, brights. Maybe start looking at some Pantone shades to think about how you would mix and match your colours together (Dessy has some great Pantone tools to help you do this).

ombre wedding flower centrepiece

This would be a beautiful wedding table display. If your theme is pink - work it through in ombre - let the colours graduate from dark to light. I've shown pink here, but it would work with purples, yellows, greens ...

pink and white ombre flowers

Spotted this - it struck me this wouldn't be too difficult to make for a DIY wedding... the rustic wooden box works well...

As for your wedding cake - well it's up to you how much you want to work that ombre theme. Here are a few ideas - but I think the ombre cake slices are deliciously subtle...

ombre wedding cake

pink ombre cake
pink ombre nail varnish

Ombre nails maybe? ....

pantone wedding colours

When you're deciding which shades to graduate in ombre, the Pantone Wedding color tools from Dessy will help you to get your thoughts together ...

As for your bridesmaids, you could work the ombre theme by putting them in different hues of the same colour ...

green ombre bridesmaid dresses

Remember, the dresses don't have to be all the same style - it's more flattering to your maids to let them choose a style (strapless, empire line, sleeved) that suits them. Dessy has bridesmaids dresses in all colours...and some styles even come in ombre fabric.

blue and green ombre bridesmaid dress

You could continue your ombre theme with an ombre pashmina from Dessy ....

orange and pink ombre pashmina

Main image and pink ombre table centre via Martha Stewart weddings, pink and white flowers in wooden cask via Ruffled blog, ombre cake slices via Pinterest , pink ombre wedding cake photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, pink ombre nails photo via Glamour