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How to Prevent Your Mother-in-Law from Taking Over Your Wedding

How to Prevent Your Mother-in-Law from Taking Over Your Wedding

Photo by Lotus Eyes Photography

You and your fiancé have announced your engagement to family members and now are ready to begin the wedding planning process. Immediately your future mother-in-law has her own ideas about your wedding and the planning that goes along with it. Stay calm! There are ways to include her in the planning without losing sight of what you (yes, you the bride) wants for her wedding.

Here are some tips as you begin planning the wedding:

1. From the beginning let both mothers know what you and your fiancé are thinking and if you two are the ones paying for the wedding, make sure both understand your limitations and budget. If you don't have a concrete plan yet, be willing to listen to their ideas, take notes and let them understand that you will take everything into consideration.

2. Get her involved in a wedding planning project. Need extra pair of hands to help you with your invitations? Or you need a second opinion on centerpieces? Reach out to her! By involving her in parts of your wedding that are under your control, she will be less likely to intrude in other parts of your wedding if she feels included in the planning process.

3. Communicate and be respectful. From the beginning have the lines open for communication, but be respectful with how you handle her. After all, you are marrying her son and you will want to have a loving relationship with her after the wedding is over.

4. Let her know where she can't be involved. Like the choice of the your wedding gown (the same goes for your own mother..) or the venue of your wedding and how many guests you absolutely have to have. Work with both sides when it comes to the guest list so there is no mis-communication about who absolutely has to be invited.

5. Enjoy this time with her. Like your own mother, she wants to be just as much involved as your mother does. So stay calm and enjoy the wedding planning process.

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